We are a member of several well known security industry associations throughout Canada and the United States. We are honored to be included on the preferred investigator lists of some of the largest Insurance companies, law firms and corporations of all sizes in the nation. Our company is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those that need us.

Our Services

Precept Canada Investigation Services Inc. provides a variety of investigation and security solutions to a diverse field of businesses, insurance companies and law firms. As many situations can be unique, we would be pleased to consult with you regarding any problem that our company may provide a solution to.

We have experienced investigators that speak a variety of languages and come from various ethnic backgrounds. We regularly attend industry seminars and events and maintain the best trained and up-to date employees: armed with knowledge of the latest legislation and advancements in our industry. Our services are available at every hour, any day of the year including all holidays.



At Precept Canada we provide a wide range of investigative and security solutions to assist our clients in developing information crucial to their circumstances. We have the resources to find the information you require, whenever the need arises.

Our staff has experience to determine if fraudulent activities have occurred in specific components of any business, evaluate their irregularities and uncover improprieties by employees, vendors or corporate officers. We can locate and trace assets, both in Canada and the United States, determine the personal or business background of potential partners, or develop other information for our clients to use when making those critical business decisions.

Financial Investigations

In Depth Asset Verification


Labour Dispute Support

Undercover Investigations


Trademark Infringement Support

Intellectual Property Investigations

High Risk Employee Dismissals

We Ready 24 Hours For You



Our primary mission is to tailor an investigative program that exactly meets your needs, and to serve as an extension of your claims handling process. We take pride in our ability to work closely with our clients toward shared visions, common goals and objectives.

At Precept Canada, our programs specialize in a proactive, cost-effective approach to claims investigations. They are designed to be an extension of the claim handling process; our report information is useful in the defense of all insurance-related claims. Our main objective is to allow insurance companies, risk managers and third-party administrators to combat insurance fraud and reduce claim exposure by aggressively investigating more Accident Benefits, Bodily Injury and Long Term Disability claims.


Vehicle /Driver Inquiries

Employer / Witness Statements & Interviews

Basic Asset Details

Claimant Interviews

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